Thursday, 15 July 2010

Plotting and scheming

In my further research for a real grip on this the best idea I had put to me by Suzy was the mood board. I didn't really know what one was but unknown to me I have been mood boarding my life since I was 18. All the journals I've ever kept are loosely filled with lists of songs, lyrics, movies, places, different foods, girls, races, pictures.

It's funny but I kind of knew it would be good to keep all this, but never knew why. I am glad I did now, I am starting to see the birth of something here, not simply the writing bits, but the exact thought patterns, images and inspiration that I need.

The most interesting of all this was going back and reading my early blogs for the British Cycling website. I have every blog I've ever written on file, dating back to our trip to Montenegro in April 2000. The thing that struck me was; firstly how BAD the blogs are, even when I got to a period where I thought the writing was quite good (around 2004) it is still terrible, so thanks everyone for encouraging me to write - god only knows why you thought it was good.

Secondly I was astounded at the boy that I met when I read these blogs, in the ten years between then and now I haven't noticed the small changes that have made me from Tom Southam the boy to Tom Southam the older boy. I was genuinely startled that I ever used to think, talk or simply be like that.

Quite a trip, and I have only just gone through a few of them. It's quite hard listening to yourself al day. But good news is I know it's in there somewhere, all here, now its a matter of picking through these bits, and I'm looking forward to seeing who I meet along the way.

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