Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Electroencephalography in the saddle.

I must be riding a lot, I can tell by the way my brain works. Maybe it’s simply fatigue, or lack of sugar; it could possibly even be the short moments of time each day that I make my body function without oxygen. Of course it might just be a reaction to repetitiveness, who knows.

Whatever it is, I have officially gone beyond the stage where my day’s ride allows me to concentrate on a problem I have to solve, creatively, industriously or otherwise. Beyond those rides in which I easily compose lengthy emails, letters to old friends, or stumble upon ideas for Thursday night activities (Thursday night is date night).

Now I am at the stage when I think things such as the thoughts I was having today on my way back from Kinglake, when I started to think that most of my time spent on my bike, I am doing the same thing over and over again.

Not simply pedalling, but just looking as far as I can see down the road, to a corner or a crest, and simply willing my way towards it as fast as possible. (The pedalling here you see, is simply an incidental action to help motion). I then simply repeat the process again as soon as a new horizon presents itself. It can feel like going scene to scene in a movie about the Australian countryside while on a hamster wheel. An image flashes up, I ride towards it, it disappears; I start again.

Sometimes it can take ages to get to that point, where the reel ends, and I can start a new scene. Sometimes, in the case of a crest of a hill, it can be a matter of squeezing my body as hard as I can to get to that point as fast as possible (this can hurt).

I like to get things done, and I suppose this is why I hate the long straight roads. I’m not happy until I have finished what is in front of me. If I know it will take a lot of time and focus to finish what I am doing, I can ahem… get myself a bit flustered.

I continued my abstract thoughts by bringing in Andy Warhol to the conversation. Who I remember hearing say ‘that you only really enjoy a box of chocolates when you eat the last one’. I feel the same with every scene I’m presented, I’m only satisfied with the stretch of road in front of me when it is finally all behind me and I can start something new.

And that is exactly the kind of thing I start to think about when I train maybe a bit too much: Pseudophilosophy on the art of riding a bicycle for a living. Maybe I should knock the riding on the head for a while, get my brain back from the paths it’s been sauntering down lately.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Nacional Front

This week's new robe.. I noticed this kit because it is firstly very cool, and secondly because I really like the band The National. Anyway, I just got slipped this little sample and I now have something to go incognito in, you know what with all that time I spend trying to dodge the UCI..

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Check the detail..

It's the little things.. Thanks to Northside Wheelers, Melbourne.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The non-race, race calendar..

I’m trying to come up with a list of races to ride. Not the usual list of races, the Tour of Britain, Tour of Japan or any kind of conventional race program. I’m trying to come up with a list of really interesting races to start doing post actual racing career. Lets call it a non-race list.

It has been burning in kindling of mind for a while now to ride the crocodile trophy; ‘The Worlds longest hardest, hottest and most adventure (I think they meant adventurous) Mountain bike race” that runs across the outback of Australia for ten days. Sounds firm but fair to say the least.

And now I can finally start to claim I have started an actual list, as I have a second event (without which, it wasn’t really a list). I want to ride the Melburne Roobaix

The Hell of Northcote, is not really a race, more scavenger hunt/pub/café crawl over just about every stretch of cobbles hidden down the Melbourne alleyways, and finishing with grandeur on the Brunswick track. Pretty damn cool I reckon, and now elbow joint depending firmly fixed on my 2012/13 non-race list.

After that I think I might consider some sort of cyclo-cross race, if I can find one somewhere warm that is. Or is that simply asking too much?