Friday, 8 April 2011

Sweet Kernow

As someone who’s working days are defined by the lengths of tarmac that stretch out ever before me, it seems only natural that my favorite place on earth isn’t a beach, or a romantic viewing spot on top of a hill; it is in fact a stretch of road.

As anyone who knows me might know, I love the coast road between Lands End and St.Ives. The views across the sea and the rugged coastline were an incredible backdrop to a youth spent aspiring away as fast as my skinny legs could allow.

There was no way I appreciated it then, as any kid with dreams would agree – it doesn’t matter the backdrop when your young you still end up dreaming of being anywhere but where you are.

These days though, I appreciate more and more just how great this place is, and instead seem to now spend my days dreaming myself back there as often as possible.

Thoughts of this particular place were stirred recently when the Rapha Condor club rode the Cornish Coast in my absence in early Feb.

It really bothered me that I was unable to be there when a group of riders had come so far to experience, not just my favourite training loop, but to pass that sacred point just outside of Eagles Nest. The three or four hundred metre stretch between the tops of two small hills is the exact spot that I would call my very favourite place on earth.

As I write though I have just had the pleasure of retracing this route once again on my return from six months in Australia. Under a mild April sun, and next to a perfectly calm ocean, I was very happy indeed to be back dreaming away on that particular stretch of grey tarmac.


  1. "The following lies are true" T.S.
    I eventually found your blog (you kinda advanced me a challenge)
    I had a hunch and, not to my surprise, I find your articles very captivating and true to real life, extremely pleasant lecture.
    Its like you said, "writing directly into peoples minds". Again, sorry for the bad comment, I misjudged your writing abilities. Hope you bring up some new articles, this way I can practice my English, and not spend a few minutes to read a 500 word article.
    Best of wishes (and I hope no hard feelings)
    Ionica Dorin, Romania.

  2. No problem, I don't hold any bad feelings at all. I only want people on the internet to be aware that while critical analysis is very much an important part of writing (and indeed getting better at anything) the internet shouldn't be a place for people just to sling shit at one another.
    There seems to be a breed of people who spend their time writing overly negative comments on things on the internet (just check out any music videos on youtube, or a cycling forum) perhaps feeling that they are granted some sort of anonymity by the web.
    It's good to criticise, but not to just say things are shit. You are clearly an intelligent person, and having taken the trouble to read my stuff I can see that you weren't just causing a scene for no reason. I am flattered that you have read my work, and appreciate that you took the time to write this comment.
    All the best with your future endeavours.